Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Easy Birthday Party Goody Bags

What does this photo scream....
Birthday party fun.....!

Well, it does if your turning Five.....!

I always package up a bunch of party favor fun in
white lunch bags.

Boring......... perhaps.......

Not after adding the finishing touches with the awesome
products from Whisker Graphics.

Sooooo cute and super festive!
All those great products and luscious colors.

Little Bitty Bags hold a 1/4 cup of gummy bears perfectly. Their
small size is perfect for a kids size portion of candy.

I close them up with a Petite Sticky and staple them to the lunch bags.

Add on a Colored Tag with a bit of Divine Twine
and BOOM.....
Boring to..... FAB!

All those colors and fun patterns, one could go a little crazy.

So, I did!


Plain white lunch bags
Hole punch
Little Bitty Bags
Petite Stickys
Small Colored Tags
Divine Twine

1 comment:

  1. Great idea ideas for the bitty bags. I will have to get a few. Thanks for sharing.