Thursday, September 6, 2012

Halloween Trick or Treat Goodie Bags

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a lovely summer.
With the cool nights and crisp mornings...
and the kids back in school my head is just
swimming with Halloween!

So... for my Whisker Graphics Design Team project
I choose to make a few Halloween themed treat bags.

First up is this super sweet ghost.

I used a Honeycomb Middy Bag in black along with a Glassine
Middy Bag.

First sketch or trace out a ghost shape that fits with in the 
edges of the bags.

Slip a cutting board or piece of card board into the bag so the 
craft knife does not go threw the back side of the bag and cut out 
the ghost shape. 

Slip the glassine bag into the honeycomb bag. Glue the edge of
the honey comb and press it to the glassine bag, so the edge
lays flat. Add a pair of googly eyes and a cheeky smile.

Fold the top edge of he bags down and trim with decorative scissors.
Fill with your favorite holiday candy. Using Halloween Divine Twine
stitch the bags closed.

Add a mulberry flower and a small orange tag
stamped with a frightful little note and that's it.
Super simple and darn cute too.

I am in love with this little Jack O'lantern friend!

These Little Chevron Bitty Bags in orange were just
screaming to be turned into Little Jack O'lanterns.

Fold the bottom of the bag back and fourth at the
bottom seam and tuck the corners in to help create a flat
bottom. This will help the bag to stand up. Fill the bag
with you favorite Halloween candy. Twist the top of the
bag to make a steam.

Finish with a millinery leaf and brown grosgrain
ribbon. These are adorable as just plain old pumpkins
but,...... I couldn't resist carving this pumpkin into
a Jack O'lantern.

His little face is just bits of scrap paper glued onto
the bag.

Next up is this cookie gobbling ghost.

Trace out a ghost shape onto a Glassine Bigger 
Bag. Making sure the ghost is small enough to
fit with in the seam lines. Sew along the tracing lines.

I chose to add a sugar cookie Jack O'lantern to the
belly of my ghost but, candy corn would be equally
as cute. After filling your ghost's belly stitch it closed
and trim off the excess bag.

Add googly eyes and a playful smile. These
would be perfect for Halloween party favors.

Supplies for the Halloween goodie bag above are,

Googly eyes
Mulberry flower
Cfaft glue
Black pen
Craft knife
Letter stamps

Supplies for the little Jack O'lantern are,

Black craft paper
Grosgrain ribbon
Millinery leaf
Craft knife
Craft glue

Supplies for the goofy little ghost above are,

Googly eyes
Black pen
Craft glue
Sewing machine and thread

Hop you all have a SpOOOOktacular Halloween!

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