Monday, November 21, 2011

Pumpkin Gingerbread


I like to make thing from scratch.... but,......
I'm all about dressing up the store bought or,
making the box stuff better. Sometimes it's
just a time thing.

I like Trader Joe's products. Not a lot of junk
in the ingredients. AND very tasty. So, less
guilt about the whole not from scratch thing.  ;)

I had these lying around in my pantry.
Let's just say it was a no brainer.
Pumpkin, gingerbread, toffy and chocolate chips.
Oh my.....

Prepare the gingerbread according to the package directions.
You can omit the oil if you like. Add the whole can of pumpkin.
Mix and add the chocolate chips and toffee bits. I baked these in a
muffin pan lined with cupcake papers. In a 350 degree oven for
45 minutes.

These were yummy, rich, and dense like
a sticky pudding. With a little whipped cream
ya can't go wrong.

Just ask this guy. Little stinker.... snuck in and
demolished them.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Giving Thanks

I am thankful.
My life isn't perfect but, it is beautiful.
Through all the ups and downs, (more up) I have remained thankful.
Each and every twist and turn life throws at me has taught me something,
and for this......  I. AM. THANKFUL.

With THANKS GIVING around the corner
this is the perfect time of year to show some thanks.
Each of my November crafts will have a "thankful" theme.

First up are these jelly jars covered in Divine Twine.
Wouldn't these make the perfect thing to leave on a friends porch?
A grown up game of doorbell ditch......... too fun!!!
Just a little something to let a special friend
know you are thankful for them being in your life.

You will need

Divine Twine
Ribbon or lace
Rubber stamps, unless you are blessed with
impeccable penmanship, which I am so not.
Glue gun and glue sticks
A selection of cleaned and dried jelly jars.
Round jars with a lip at the top work the best.
AND your running shoes..... for the ditching
portion of this project.

Start by placing a small dot of glue at the top of the jar.
Begin wrapping the twine. Adding little dots of glue as you
need them to hold the twine in place.
If I was doing this project again I would use double stick
tape to secure the twine like I did here.

You can cover the jars completely in the twine
or leave space to add some lace or ribbon.
Use one color of twine or mix and match.
I love the gray and orange combo.

I like the way stamping directly onto the ribbon looks.

Now get your glue guns and running shoes
on and go out there and spread a little thankfulness.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lucky Me

I won, I won, I won!!!!
Jan over at Little Pink Houses had a giveaway,
in celebration of her 200th blog post.
I know Jan so i feel like I cheated.
BUT, the random number generator
does. not. lie. So, there... hum.

I was so excited to get my hands on this package.
I know Jan to be very creative and generous.
So, I couldn't wait to see what was wrapped
up and waiting for me. This package did not

Beautiful Victorian style papers.

Rolls of vintage sheet music and festive trim.

Little lace doilies, vintage buttons, dresden, and admission tickets.


Place cards, amber beading, vintage note book, and tally sheets.
This package just kept giving.

More trim and vintage ribbon, feathers, shimmery floral picks,
and some bitty bags.

Embroidery floss, vintage millinery flowers, divine twine.

super pretty

yummy color......

Thanks Jan!

I've been using some of these treasures in my fall crafts.
Posts coming soon, my family and I have been a little
under the weather. So, blogging has taken a back seat to
nose whipping and kid cuddling.

Something crafty coming soon. ;)
Until then, go check out my friend Jan's BLOG!