Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DIY Bathroom Remodel Part 1

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.
Mine was a bit dusty and..... completely disgusting.
I mentioned in my last post something about a bathroom remodel.'s happening ;)

Let me show you some before photos.

Just a standard hall bath.

When we bought this house the bathroom had
seen better days.... and I just couldn't clean it.
So we purchased a new potty and a cheap
(but cute) vanity and mirror set from Home Depot.
Telling our selves in a year or two tops we would
gut out the bathroom and completely redo it.
Well NINE years latter we are finally getting
around to it. Ha! ;) Actually we had no choice
anymore. The bathroom floor was rotten when we
bought the house, and time along with two little
tub splashers didn't help the floor any.

A few things about the bath... the toilet behind
the door, facing the sink.? Don't get the placement.
Although, convent if you had the flue.  ;)

The rotting tub....... yuck!

The amount of bleach I used didn't matter anymore,
the whole place was just rotting.

Rotting from the inside out. Once we removed
the tub surround we could see why. Bad construction!
The wrong materials and cheap materials.

Green rock and particle board. Instead of
cement board and plywood. The above photo
is of the wall behind the tub surround. YUCK!

After stripping the sheetrock off the walls it was
time to remove the tub.

Can you guess what we found!?!
Yes!, PIRATE GOLD, no... no, RAT POOP!
HA HA HA....... ;)

We did look!

Can you play the eye spy game with me?
I spy with my little eye, a walnut shell,
a peanut shell, cherry pits, apple core, seeds
that started the germination process, and RAT POOP!

This is the 2x4 that our uninvited guest was
chewing on. My Hubby also found it's nest,
a pile of plastic grocery bags. YUCK!
We never new it was there, didn't hear a thing.

This is the floor under the potty.

Oh man.... yuck again. Using the potty at our house was like
playing a game of Russian Roulette. You never knew if you were
going to be the one to fall threw the floor.  ;)

Well now we are knee deep in it.

Literally. No going back now. The dust is the worst part.
I'll be spending the better part of the day just vacuuming.
The worst is over everything has been removed and new
floor joists have been installed.

After all that yuckiness.... and palate cleanser for the the eyes.

I just couldn't end this post with out a little pretty.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

S'mores 6 Ways

Who doesn't love s'mores?
With the official kick off to summer this weekend,
it's the perfect time to play around with this classic summer time treat.

First up we have The Elvis.....yes as in Presley.

Graham cracker, toasted marshmallow, peanut butter cup, and
sliced banana.

My kids love this one.

Next we have the Date Night....... ;)

Chocolate wafer cookie, chocolate marshmallow, dark chocolate,
and sliced strawberry.

Oh baby......

........melty chocolate and strawberry!

My fav!
I call this one The Dinner Party.
This is seriously good, good enough to serve at a dinner party.

Chocolate wafer cookie, toasted marshmallow, white chocolate,
raspberry preserve, and a dusting of powdered sugar.

I use a cookies and cream candy bar instead of pure white chocolate.
Just a personal preference.

Are you ready to make a campfire yet?
If not you might be after this one.

The Strawberry Short Cake.

Shortbread cookie, milk chocolate, toasted marshmallow, and
sliced strawberry. This would be good with a sprig of mint too.

Really fresh and summery.

This one I call The Sunday.

It's kinda got an ice cream topping thing going for it.

Shortbread cookie, toasted marshmallow, dark chocolate, and
caramel sauce.

Oh melty goodness......... yum!

Last but, not least is my Hubbies fav.
Instead of saying something is cool my oldest says, " that's cool it mom."
So, with out further ado here is The Cool It.  ;)

Chocolate wafer cookie, chocolate marshmallow, and
peppermint pattie.
Oh..... smack.... the minty coolness!

I found the chocolate marshmallows at Target.
They also had mint chocolate marshmallows and tropical fruit
flavored too,..... more to play with.  ;)

Well hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend. Hope
this post inspires you to play with your food or a least your s'mores. ;)

We will be demoing our bathroom and adding a new half bath.
Fun...! Wish me luck.

Now go get your s'mores on.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Wreath

Hi All,

Hope everyone's weekend is coming along nicely.
I got to sneak in a little craft time.  ;)
I made a new wreath for our front door.

I've had this vintage picture frame for years.
It was just begging to be turned into something special.
So, I decided to use it as a wreath base.

I gathered some chicken wire, a staple gun, and
some wire cutters and went to town.

Stapling right to left and top to bottom, pulling
tightly as I went. Then I cut off the excess wire
and folded over the ends.

Time for a little chalkboard bunting.

I used a piece of canvas board for the triangles.

After they were all marked out I used a craft knife to cut them out.
I sanded the edges and painted them with chalkboard paint.
When the triangles were all dry I drilled holes in them and strung
them with Divine Twine.

LOVE this bunting!!!

After attaching the bunting to the chicken wire the really fun part started.
Adding what ever seemed to catch my eye and helped me to create a
friendly message for who ever nocks on my door.

A Mason jar to hold some seasonal blooms.

A paper flower, vintage button, and more Divine Twine.

*****pink geranium = love*****

Vintage admit one ticket, stamped with the word joy.

A tag, stamped with the word friend.

Some lace from The French General craft
supplies. A chalk drawn welcome message
on the bunting.

That about sums it up.
Enjoy your weekend!


Vintage frame

Chicken wire

Staples and staple gun

Tin snips

Kraft knife


Craft glue

Divine Twine

Mason jar
Various trim and ribbon
Chalkboard paint
Canvas board
Vintage buttons
Paper flowers

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Friday, May 11, 2012

All Grown Up .....&..... The Giveaway

First off thanks again to my blog readers.
Their were only two qualifying comments
for the giveaway.So, I declare TWO winners.
Jan and Deborah Lynn!
I'll ship out your gifst sometime next week.
Bear with me as my allergies have completely
fuzzed up my head and are making it difficult
to function.  ;(

Now take a look at this!
My baby is all grown up.
My youngest had his first hair cut.
It was way over due..... but, to cut those curls.....!
Once you do they never grow back and the
baby is gone.

The poor guy, he couldn't see any more.  ;)
Look at him all smiley. So unsuspecting.

Oh,....... now he gets it.....

AND he don't like it!
Poor guy.
Buy buy baby.

Now I have another big boy. Who after his tub
helped his dad turn his crib into a toddler bed.

When did this happen.
Oh.... they grow so fast.