Monday, November 3, 2014

Paper Straw Christmas Pinwheel Craft

I just love all those pretty patterned paper drinking straws that
are so popular now a days. I love them even more now that
they sell them at the Dollar Store. Awesome for crafting!!!

Look how nicely they look with Whisker Graphics products.
When I saw these straws at the Dollar Store I immediately


Bend the straws in half and secure with a little hot glue.
Pinch the straw together as the glue dries.

Once you have a bout 10 straws glued in a V begin glueing the
Vs together, creating a pinwheel.

These are smaller pinwheels made by cutting a straw in half first.
Once the pinwheel segments are glued together cover the center
with a Whisker Graphics Petite Stickys.

To hang, place a little glue in a straw securing some twine.

I can't wait to have a bunch of these floating
in my windows.

Paper drinking straws
Petite Stickys
Divine Twine
Glue gun and glue sticks