Saturday, October 29, 2011

Witch's Hat

Have you finished you costume yet???
I don't dress up for Halloween but, I have kids now.
My 3 year old asked me what I was going to be.
Oh,... um... ??? here we go........

So, I made a Witch's hat.

I started out with a chipboard hat and painted
it black. Then added some sparkly ribbon.

I added a few trim pieces then placed my helpers.

This guy needed a little gentle persuasion....

His wings are sniped off bits of Christmas floral picks.
Hot glued to his back.

My dear little crow was jealous. So, she required a bit of glitter.

Once my little cast of characters were hot glued into place it was
time for a topper. AND some lighting, of course!

Tip, place the lights with pins before cutting holes.
I used a sharp craft knife like a drill to make my holes.

Yes, It will look like a mess of spaghetti...

I added pieces of hook and loop tape to secure the battery
pack into the hat.

For the chin strap I added long pieces of ribbon.
They can be tied under the chin to secure the hat.
Tip, do NOT tie the ribbon in a knot.

Tying a knot would make too large of a hole.
I used pliers to help pull the needle threw.
Once the ribbon was threw I tied the end in a knot and hid it
under the trim that goes along the base of the hat.

A few detail shots..

Love-en the lights....
I used LED lights, the don't get so hot.

The topper was placed by snipping the tip off the hat, pushing
one of the points into the hole. Securing with more hot glue
of course.


Thanks to my dear little neighbor
Witch for modeling for me!!


Thursday, October 27, 2011


Do you BOO?
I'm my neighborhood Boo-en is a big deal.
With so many kids in a family it's hard to make
the boo personal to each child.
Sooo, this year I did a general family boo.

Aren't these the cutest........ seriously??
I found the recipe here, smores in a jar!!!

1 pack of crushed graham crackers in the
bottom of a 1 quart Mason jar.

Then squish a package of Peeps in the jar.

Top it all of with a cup of Holiday M&M'S

Then add 1/3 cup of brown sugar.

Top off with 1/4 cup more of the candy.

All the recipient has to do is dump the jar
into a 9x8 baking pan. Cut up the ghost and
mix ingredients with 1/2 cup of melted butter
and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla. Bake in a
350 degree oven for 15 minutes, cool completely,
slice into bars and enjoy.
I couldn't find regular M&M'S..... so, I used a
combination of peanut butter M&M'S and
chocolate chips.    Y.U.M

My favorite part is how these guys look
against the glass.  ;)

The fun part, adding special touches to the jars.

Don't forget to print out instructions and place on the back
side of the tag.

Isn't he just begging to be released from this jar.....

and turned into this.

BOO to you.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What's Inside a Pumpkin

Have you ever wondered what is inside a pumpkin?
I did so I cut one open, and to my surprise......

a Witch and her kitty were hiding inside!

I don't have a "proper" tutorial for this little
project but, here is a "cliff-noted" version.

With a craft knife I sliced open a little window
into a paper mache pumpkin. Painted inside and
out with orange paint. Once the paint was dry I
painted the inside with craft glue and glittered.

At this point it occurred to me that this should be illuminated.
Having those battery operated tea light around payed off. So,
I cut a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin just large enough to
slide the tip of the tea light in.

Then I glued a layer of moss in the bottom, yes and more glitter.
The moss helped hide the tea light a bit. I added a little tree in
the back and some flowers. Then I placed the Witch and kitty
in, glueing with hot glue.

To hide the tea light base I cut a piece of wood big enough
to slip the tea light into. Then drilled a hole, with a hole saw into
the wood to hide the base of the light. Then covered the wood
up with some moss, helping to block the light escaping from the
bottom of the pumpkin.

I also added a little leaf and vine curl to the top of the pumpkin.

I think these two look very happy in their little home.
So, I invited them to live on my mantel.

I love the way their cozy little fire flickers
and glows. Can't wait to see what's in my
pumpkins next year!!  ;)

This craft is linked up to Today's Creative Blog.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Room With A Past

WOW! What a shop.
Room With a Past is a once a month
antique sale. Tonight is THE opening.....

You're sure to find lots tricks and treats....

Spooktacular.... don't ya think?

My friend Jan made this...

Check out her blog to see tips on how she
made these spooky chalkboard windows.

Speaking of windows.....

Last month was the Room's annual parking
lot sale. I scored those windows you see,
for an unbelievably low price. That little
blue bird cage flew home with me too.

Want to see more of the parking lot sale???

and inside....

 Sweet dresser......

I'm telling ya their stuff is just too good.

Now the best for last.... look at what was waiting for me out in that parking lot!!!

Oh! Yes!....... a lovely little chandelier..... waiting to be installed
in my bed room. A rainy day project for this winter.

Love the chippy yellow flowers...
I'll be stop-pen by the "Room" tonight... will you?