Friday, February 15, 2013

DIY Super TINY Kitchen Remodel or......Making Better Use Of A Small Space

After our bathroom remodel we jumped right
into fixing up our kitchen.

It had seen better days and was super un-functional.
Who ever "designed" our kitchen was not
(repeat was NOT) a space planner.

When the kitchen was new some time in the
1940's I'm sure it's cottag style cabbnits and
yellow tile was charming. Still pretty cute today
but, time had taken a toll on everything.

The placement of the entry into the kitchen
and into the garage left little to no countertops.
Try prepping a meal for four in a kitchen with
no countertops. Not having the power to levitate
I used the green house window as extra counter space.

Which kinda grossed me out.

As you can see everything in our old kitchen
was original. Right down to the ironing board
cabinet. Which held my spices. 

The only things we changed when we first moved
in was replacing the dark green faux marble
linoleum floor. We covered it over with a white
linoleum. White... not the best choice for a kitchen
floor but,  it wasn't faux green marble! Seeing how
the cabinet knobs were unexplainably missing
we replaced those with red round pulls.

We also added some cabinets over the stove
as well. There it was for 8 years.




.... crash...!!!!!

My youngest (with he help of my hubby)
took a crowbar and gutted the kitchen
all by him self.  ;)

My boys are such good helpers.

Oh, here is a picture of that green marble linoleum.
Who... what.... why...????

Ahhhhhh much better already. Potential.

Stay tuned for progress report coming soon.

Side note, nothing prepares one for the disgustingness hidden in
ones walls. I'll spare you the details, lets just say there not as cute as

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gluten Free Brown Rice Crispy Cereal Treats With Omega 3s

Brown rice, omega 3,.......... gluten free and YUMMY!
Yes..... yummy and "good" for you too.

Let me explain.....

Kraft Marshmallows....... gluten free.
Land O Lakes Regular Butter....... gluten free.
Trader Joe's Omega 3 Dried Fruit and Nut Mix....... gluten free.
Nature's Path Organic Crispy Brown Rice Cereal....... gluten free.

Equals a healthy rice crispy cereal treat!?!

Sooo, if you can make something easy, delicious, and healthy.......
why not?!       right?

The recipe is pretty much the same as traditional crispy rice
cereal treats.

12 cups Nature's Path Brown Rice Cereal.

3 cups Trader Joe's Omega 3 Trail Mix. Roughly chopped.

80 regular sized marshmallows melted into
6 table spoons of butter.

Once marshmallows are melted stir in the cereal and nuts.

Once everything is well combined pour mixture into a 9" x 13"
buttered dish.

Compress the mixture using a spatula that has been lightly buttered.

Look at all that healthy"er" goodness!  ;)

These are seriously good. Dare I say even better than the originals!
My kids and hubby love'm.  AND I can feel good about making
them for my family. Annnnnnnd they are super easy!!!

Yummy, easy, healthy, gluten free....... desert! with Omega 3s!!

Heart healthy goodness....., just in time for Valentine's Day!   ;)

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Baker's Twine Necklace

Isn't this necklace pretty cute. (if i do say so myself)
Who doesn't love baker's twine and jewelry?!
So the combination of the two........ perfection.  ;)

I could have made dozens and dozens of these.
The color combinations and the patters one could come up
with..... dizzying.

I chose to stick with a pastel and gray theme, very now!  ;)

Begin by dipping the tips of your pointer finger in craft glue.
Rub a bit of glue on the bead and begin wrapping the twine
around the bead.

While wrapping the twine around the bead, smear some glue on
the bead as you go.

Try to keep the rows of twine as tight as possible.

When the beads have dried string them on some beaded chain.

There you have it, a cute little necklace with a pop of color.
Perfect for spring.

Very fresh and clean.


Divine Twine in
Beaded chain and connectors
Wood beads
Craft glue

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