Friday, July 6, 2012

DIY Bathroom Remodel Part 3

We are still in the bathroom remodeling process
around here. We took a few weekends off to do
some fun things with the kids and to host my
youngest 2nd birthday.

BUT,  progress we are a making!  ;)
That is a new door hung the proper way.
No longer opening into the toilet.

The tub has been installed. The walls are
insulated and a vapor barer installed. We raised
the window.... so the neighborhood would
no longer see us showering. Let's just say the
old window was framed in a little low.

We covered everything up with sheetrock.
NOT just regular sheetrock, as was the problem
with our old bathroom. In the tub area we used
Densglass. For the rest of the room we used a
special moisture barrier sheetrock.

This is the corner of the bathroom where the
potty was. Now it will be home to a vintage
dresser turned into a vanity.

I can't wait.....!

The potty was moved next to the tub.
This allowed us to have the door swing open
the correct way, without hitting the toilet.

All of this "spaghetti" you see in the attic allowed us to add
an exhaust fan, move the heater duct to a better spot, add two
pot lights, and a chandelier.

It was important to me that all the electrical was
able to be controlled separately. I think the extra
work is really worth the effort.  After all it isn't
necessary for all the lights to be on at the same
time or, the fan to come on every time one goes
into the bathroom.

If you have taken a peek at the other bathroom
posts you may remember the linen closet
turned half-bath.

We replaced the tiny linen closet door with
a 30" door and swung it the opposite way
of how it was. The relationship with this door
and the bedroom door next to it flows better
this way.

Now for a peek inside.

Yes......, that is tape holding the toilet tank
cover together. Ohhhh, the spoils of the DIY!
The register cover fell and cracked the tank,
$135.00 down the toilet....... literally!  ;)
Can't make an omelet with out breaking a few eggs.
We still have the corner sink to add. So, we have
been going threw lots of bottles of hand sanitizer
as we make our way to the kitchen for a proper
hand washing.  ;)

We have two parties to go to this weekend.
We are still hoping texture and paint.

Wish me luck.....!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fourth of July Candy Container

This was a 10 minute craft... super easy !!
A fun craft to do with kids too!!

Firecracker candy (or snack) containers.

I'm filling them with popcorn and giving
them to my kids to keep them occupied as we
wait for the fireworks to begin.

If you are interested in making some you
will need....

Crystal Light containers
Glue sticks and hot glue
Scissors and an craft knife
Ribbons and trims

Cut the bag open length wise and wrap around the container.
Just make sure not to cover the lip at the top of the container.
If the lip gets covered the lid will no longer open easily.

Once the lid is covered poke a hole in the center to feed
a "wick" threw.

I would suggest adding a drop of glue to the ends of your
wick pieces. This will help them to hold their shape and keep
from unraveling. Also, tying a knot in one end will help
to stay secure.

Now one could get pretty crazy adding bits of trim or patriotic
novelties to these. I chose to keep mine pretty simple.

Just adding a few little trim pieces.

The best part about using the Crystal Light
containers for this craft is the "pop" noise they
make when they are opened.

This would be a fun craft to do with kids the morning
of the Fourth. Although, expect this ten minute craft to become
a slightly longer project.  ;)

Happy 4th of July!