Friday, May 1, 2015

Macrame Plant Holder Made With Bakers Twine

Macrame and succulents what could be more
trendy and in the now then the pairing of those

Making macrame out of Whisker Graphics Divine Twine
of course.............! With all their gorgeous colors and
quality twine, it's really a no brainer......

You will find far better tutorials on line than mine.
I sort of just winged it.  Never the less......
here we go......   ;)

I started with eight strings for my holder. So, it
would hang from four sections.

I separated the eight twines into groups of
four. I tied two strings in knots. As I tied
the other pairs of twine I payed close attention
to the placement of the knots, making sure they
were lining up.

Then I tied the twine as shown above, creating
a diamond shape......... Then the two end twines
were tied together connecting everything.

Then I tied all the twines together, connecting
everything and creating the base.  It didn't
look like much until I slipped the plant in.

Once I did it all came together.

Divine Twine in the color of your choosing.
Plant container

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