Sunday, August 24, 2014

How To Drill A Hole Into A Ceramic Pot

I love collecting these old Bauer garden pots.
Most of them I stumble across do not have a
drainage hole in the bottom. Sorta makes them
a bit unpractical for a garden pot!

This guy I got for a steal. It's prevues owner
was under the impression it was unable to be
cleaned and useless because of lacking a
drainage hole. Oh, not so!

It was pretty grimy!!! Sap, Bird poop, you name

It was on this thing!!! With a little elbow grease
and a Mr. Clean Magic Erasure.


Clean and looking new again.

Now for the drilling of the drainage hole.
Determine if your pot has a crack in it. Tap the pot, if it has a bell
like sound you are in good shape. If the pot makes a thud sound
it is cracked. A cracked pot can be drilled. However, there is a
chance the pot will crack further with the pressure of being drilled.

Using a glass and tile drill bit drill a hole from the bottom side
of the pot.

Keep a little bit of water on the pot to help keep things cool.
Push the drill down with even firm pressure.

And just like that, you will have a nice drainage hole in your
once "useless" garden pot.

The hole above was made by a 3/8" drill bit. If you desire a
larger hole drill a small size hole first. Then go back with a
larger bit to open up the hole a bit more. I don't bother to make
the hole bigger. My pots seem to drain fine with the hole that
the 3/8" drill bit makes.

These beauties took off.

Soooo, happy in their clean and properly
draining home.

Zinnias from Annie's Annuals..... nothing
more summery than that.