Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brown Bag Vs. Bitty Bag

Bitty Bag won........ hands down!
Aren't these bags from Whisker Graphics the cutest?
Why would you use a brown bag again?

My Hubby and I were busy this weekend getting our tax stuff
sorted, that time of year again. My oldest asked to go on a
picnic. Can't say no..... so we had one at home. These super
sweet bags made the meal so much more special than just
throwing some food on a paper plate or in a plain old brown bag.

My kids were so excited to see their little plates of food. I can tell they
appreciated the deviation from "same old same old."

They ate every bite with no complaint.

These bags are so colorful and well priced.
Wouldn't they make a great addition to your
summer time picnic paper product supply?
(say that ten times fast)

I'm going to be using these bags  a LOT.
Not just because I've been asked to join the Whisker Graphics
Design Team. (so excited!) BUT, because these bags are so
much FUN!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Valentine's Lapel Pin

Don't ya just love holidays??
I needed a new little something to wear on Valentine's Day.

I had a cardboard heart laying around on my desk just begging
to be played with. I painted it white and wrapped it in cherry
Divine Twine.

I added a bit of rickrack around the edges.

Sweet but, it needed a little something. So, I dug threw my stash
and landed on these vintage plastic flower pieces.

I stacked a couple of flowers and added a vintage button.... done.
Now should it be a pin or a hair clip...... dilemma.

I decided on the pin.

Loving my new pin!!!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

May your 2012 be filled with moments like these!!

Goofiness and giggles.....

...and everything in between.
Happy 2012.

My little Christmas village had a lot of page
views but, only one comment! Though we all
like comments.......I'm glad my post only
received one. This means that my friend Jan
won (hands down) my little Churches' twin sister.
Congrats Jan, I'm so happy you won.  ;)