Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bakers Twine Christmas Tree Craft

Is it too early to start crafting for Christmas?
My kids just went back to school. I haven't
even made one pumpkin recipe yet.

Oh.... but,  those Christmas crafts just keep
poppen' in my head.

This little Christmas craft is super simple.
Start by painting a chipboard cone white.
Once the paint is dry wrap the cone in
bakers twine. Securing the twine with glue
as you go.

Then decorate your Christmas tree with buttons
and ric rac. Coat the tree with glue and sprinkle
with glitter. Everything is more festive with glitter!

For the trunk of my little tree I used a vintage spool.
Just painted it white and sprinkles with some snow.

I can't wait to make a whole little forest of these.


Green Apple Divine Twine
Chipboard cone
Ric rac
Sewing spool
Fake snow