Friday, April 20, 2012

Vintage Patio Furniture Makeover

I love this table.....LOVE.

I purchased it years ago. It was hiding in the back corner of a
consignment shop with a $125.00 price tag on it.  ;)

It's been uses in the kitchen, dinning room, office, outside, and
now back into the dinning room it goes. Being outside sure put
a toll on the faux finish it was sporting. That's ok! That particular
finish is kinda over.... a little 90's-ish.

Love the 40's lines on those chairs.

A little rust removal was in order, for sure!

A wire brush did the trick.

Then some primer......

.... and paint. Good as new.
I like using Rust-Oleum paint products very much.
They seem to cover well and spray nicely.

Then it was on to recover those nasty seats. Nothing was
salvageable. We needed to cut new wood bottoms and get new
foam and batting.

We trimmed the foam and batting.

Lined the pattern up.

Flipped everything over.

Trimmed off excess oilcloth.

Started stapling. Working from the center out and opposite
side to opposite side. Pulling everything tight. Though, not so
tight as to cause any dimples.

The corners can be a little tricky. 

Just be patient. Fold neatly and staple as
you go. It can always be redone if it 's not
coming out nicely.


Yummy reproduction oilcloth fabric.  sigh...
Have you seen this place???
So much fun to look around!!!

I'm so happy to have breathed new life into
this well used and well loved old piece.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

What a Delicious Easter Bunny

We ate the Easter Bunny...... cake that is.
I know, I know.... Easter was a week ago.
So, over it already......!

Doesn't he (or she) look delicious, covered in
all that ganache!  yum!!

Years ago I found this bunny cake mold in
an antique shop.

I fell in love with all of it's charming detail. The fact that it is
three demential and 10in tall by 8in wide...... sealed the deal.

Half of the mold gets filled up with cake batter and covered
with the other half. As the cake bakes and rises the other side
of the mold get filled.
Pretty neat....

Once the cake is completely cool it pops out
perfectly. I will admit I was a little excited and
pulled the cake out a little to soon. So, he
needed a bit of skewering. To help prop the
cake up I used an egg under the chest. Then
used some candy melts as a foundation.

I covered the candy melts with some buttercream grass and a
few jellybeans.

A couple of eyes, licorice whiskers, and an
m&m nose and he was ready.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter.
Can't wait to make this guy again next year.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My favorite Easter activity is dying the eggs.
It always has been.

.....all those colors.....

Even as an "adult" before I had children, I
would dye eggs. A box of PAAS egg dye
just always seemed to fall into my cart at
the grocery store.

Yes, that means my poor hubby would get
forced into egg dying too.

I think he secretly enjoyed it though.
Nice quiet almost meditative activity.
Staring at all that beautiful color.

Blue and gold "Tiffany" egg.

Now that I have children egg dying is loud,
messy, and SO much more fun.

One of the best thing about having children is that they have
turned me back into a kid again. I love that.

Activities and celebrations that have begun to lack their luster
are bright and shiny again. AND messes they just don't matter
any more.

Except for him. He seemed to mind quite a lot
that, that mean old wind came up a blew his dye
all over the place. That place being my lap.
.....good times, good times.....

Here's ware the loud comes in. My almost
two year old preferred to run around the yard
squawking like a chicken.

I love that my egg dying tradition has become
messy and loud. That's how all those perfectly
in-prefect moments of life are born. Threw the
mess and the noise.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Bird's Nest Cookies

These cookies are super cute for a spring time celebration
and were super easy to make.

I made these for my son's preschool. These cookies are so much
fun to share with children.

I found these  little chocolate eggs made by
Cadbury at Target. How can ya not want to
make bird nest cookies when ya find such
pretty little pastel eggs to play with....!?!

I found the recipe for the macaroons here.

Form the ingredients into ball shapes as the directions suggest.
Then use a spoon to make "divots" in the center of the cookie.
Bake and let cool, place the eggs in the center and DONE.
I used a little drop of candy melts to help hold the eggs safely
in their nests.

Happy Spring AND Happy Easter.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Treat Bag

I've been a bit busy, sorry for the stall on the blogging!
I'm back with lots to post!!!  ;)

With Easter just around the corner and my
April Whisker Graphics project due, it was a
no-brainer........ egg shaped treat bags!

Start out by tracing a shape onto your bag.

Cut open the bag, to make stitching easy.

Stitch a "crack" line across the tracing of the egg. Be careful
not to stitch too close to the edge.

Leave some extra twine at the end of the "crack" for adding a tag.

Use a sewing machine to stitch the bag closed.

Don't forget to add some treats.......!

Continue stitching the bag closed.

Looks cute already........ doesn't it?

Trim off the excess bag leaving about 1/8"
around the stitched line.

I found that the Bigger Bitty Bags and the Middy Bitty Bags
worked really well for this project.

Add a tag with instructions.  ;)

Play Easter Bunny and pass out some eggs!


Bitty Bags

Divine Twine

Embroidery needle

Sewing machine




Happy Easter!