Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Valentine's Day Treat Bag

The "Ball" has barely dropped and the Christmas decorations
aren't entirely put away yet, but............

how's about a Valentine's craft. After all it's never too late to
start on the "next" thing!

I just love the Whisker Graphics product line!
The stickers the tags the bitty bags.

All of which I used to make up this cute little Valentine's Day
treat bag. From the first time I saw these Shield Craft Middy Bitty Bags
I've wanted to place a deer silhouette on them! Sooo so cute!
These would make a perfect little Valentine for the men in your life.

I drew the silhouette with a pencil then colored it in with a pen.
Stickers or a rubber stamped silhouette would work great too.

I think this is by far my favorite bitty bag craft I've made.
Then again I say that every time!


Shield Middy Bitty Bags
Red Chevron Petite Stickys
Small Colored Tags in Red
Pen and Pencil
Rubber Stamps and Ink