Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Wreath

I love holiday crafts......... love.
So, I was itching to make something spooky for the BEST
holiday ever.... after Christmas of-course.

I needed wanted a new halloween wreath.
I needed wanted one of those yarn ones that are popping up everywhere.
AND I needed wanted to make something with this stuff!
Projects with it just keep floating in and out of my mind.


Wreath form of your choice
Glue gun and glue sticks
Double stick tape
Divine Twine you WILL need a full roll.
And a few items from you craft stash to make your wreath special.

Start out by placing a strip of tape on the form.
Begin wrapping, tightly neatness counts. ;)

Wrapping  takes some time......... it was the longest. part. of. this. entire. project.

Now the webbing begins.
Start by tying a piece of twine around the form.

Secure each knot with a little glue to help keep them taut.
DO this right after each knot.
Now bring twine across to other side of wreathe.
Attaching with a knot and some more hot glue.

Keep doing this until you like the number of cross pieces you have created.
I varied the spacing of the twine to create a more realistic look.

Now for the spiraling pieces. Using a continues
piece of twine wrap cross pieces to create that
swirl found in a web. This is a little tricky.

When you have achieved your desired effect
tie twine and cut off excess.

Now for the really fun part.... giving my little
pet a place to call home. ;) A bouquet of glittery
black roses for my spider Hugo to hide in.

I love this project and loved working with
Divine Twine.

Look at the pattern the twine makes.....cool.

Simple and spooky.
Simply spooky.....  ;)

This craft is linked up to Today's Creative Blog.


  1. omg!...this is freaking amazing!...i love this!...

  2. Very cool!!! Took alot of patience...your pet now has a nice new home!

  3. This is gorgeous! I absolutely adore the spider web in the middle - what a great idea! Yarn wreaths take a lot of patience, don't they? This wreath was definitely worth it though. Great job! I'd love if you linked up to our Fall Wreath Craft Party this month!!

  4. You are ROCKING the DT craft, girl!!! I want to see more!!!!

  5. I LOVE this! Fantastic idea, and excellent work! You have inspired me!

  6. This is one of the best halloween wreaths i have seen! I got your link from the oops i craft my pants blog (still makes me giggle!)

  7. Cute! I love the twine you chose! And, I gotta agree with readysetparty, this is seriously one of the best I've seen!

    Thanks for linking up to tute-in tuesday!

  8. I love your wreath! I found it on pinterest and will be featuring it on my blog today :)

  9. Adorable! So very clever. =) Might need to make this for my Halloween party.
    Angie from www.marigoldmom.com

  10. adding this to my fall wreath post going up later today. Got the pic from pinterest.

  11. I hope this comment is not too off the wall :) The 1st thing that popped into my head was a Spiderman wreath. My grandson is turning 4yrs in July and wants a Spiderman bday party. Instead of the spider I see Spidee Man and instead of the flowers I see tall buildings. I Love this idea!!!

    1. Glad to be of inspiration for you. Your idea sounds super cute!