Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Passing Out New Years Kiss

Happy New Year.......
Well almost!
After my 20's I kinda stopped celebrating NewYears.
Now a days New Years Eve at my house consists
of taking down the Christmas tree, having one last
indulgent meal for the year and preparing for a
hug purge and cleaning spree and playing
games with the kids till about 9:30....

However, I do like to have something to pass
out to  people as I bump into then in the New Year.
This year it's these little treat containers fill with
chocolate "kiss" candies..... New Years Kisses......

Start out by covering a cardboard tube in a
bitty bag. I like to use paper towel tubes for
this, as opposed to a t.p. tubes. You can get a
variety of sizes from the paper towel tube and
there is less of an ick factor.

Cut the bottom and one side off of a bitty bag,
so it lies flat and is open. Rub a glue stick down
the edge of the paper bag a roll it around the tube.
Make sure the paper hangs over the edges of the tube.
Secure the end with a little more glue.

Cut the overlapping portion of the paper to help it fold nicely.
Glue and fold the paper down creating a bottom.

Cut the over hang of paper at the top into
thin strips and tie with some Divine Twine.

I curled the extra bits of paper at the top,
making them a bit more festive.

I also covered some cardboard in scraps of Bitty Bag,
cut it into circle to create bases for the treat containers to sit on.

I made some smaller treat containers using small cardboard rings
and Gold Chevron Bitty Bags.

The top of these are so cool! I took the time to
cut fine strips in the excess paper at the top.
Tied it with Gold Divine Twine, creating this
little domed effect.

These were super simple to make and I can't
wait to start passing all these New Years Kisses!

Diagonal Striped Bigger Bitty Bag in Black
Metallic Gold Chevron Middy Bag
Gold Metallic Divine Twine
Silver Metallic Divine Twine
Small Colored Tags in White
Cardboard tubes
Hershey Kisses

p.s.   can you find the misspelling.........   lol

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