Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween Wrap Up

I realize Halloween was a week ago....... but, I just downloaded
these so I thought I'd share.

This was the first year my boys REALLY got into carving!

We were kinds of pumpkin obsessed this year. Maybe because
we grew some in the yard??? So, they just seemed cooler this year.

We had lots of fun decorating foam pumpkins
from the dollar store.



Note the paint on the nose.

We went to the COOLEST pumpkin patch.

They had eight bouncy houses and four
huge slides. SUPER FUN!

They had the best time. This place ruined plain
old pumpkin patches forever.

Seriously, they even had face painting,
pony rides and............., my favorite part

a petting zoo!

This was the first year my boys were into the
costume thing too.

This guy was not into the picture thing at ALL.

Wouldn't let me snap one.

I'd like to say this guy was more into it but,
notice the eye roll.  ;)

He did so well and was super cute at his
preschool singalong. 

We made cookies for his classmates.

And packaged up some "toy" bats to pass out.

All in all it was a really happy Halloween.

I'm sure before I know it it will be here again!

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