Sunday, November 11, 2012

Give Thanks..... Thanksgiving Wreath

I like this time of year. Thanksgiving. A
simple and non-flashy, reflective holiday.
To me it's way more than a turkey and
gathering for a meal, as nice as that is.

It's about stopping to remember no matter
how difficult life can be at times, we can all
find something or someone to be thankful for.
We should celebrate that, express that way
more often then we do.

I don't want to come off as too "preachy" so
I'll get on with the craft.  ;)

I'm supper smitten with this little wreath.

Last year my friend Jan sent me a  pack of
vintage sheet music. Perfect for this craft!!

I started out with a wood plaque for the
wreath base. I painted it gold and did a bit
of layout to help me place and size the paper cones.

Then I got started making the cones.

I tore strips of the vintage sheet music and rolled them
into cone shapes.

I hot glued the edge of the paper to it's self to help hold it's shape.
Then hot glued the cone to the plaque.

Lots of lovely vintage paper sheet music cones!

I was going to use a piece of dresden and chip board letters
for the center piece.........
BUT, decided to use this wood rosette. I painted it gold then stamped
the words on it. Then using a small paint brush, paint the letters with glue
and sprinkled away with black glitter.

Then I lightly brushed the edge of the
cones with glue and glittered them too.

I love how this project turned out.

Happy THANKS-giving!

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