Thursday, November 1, 2012

Christmas Crafting.... Retro Inspired Advent Calendar

So.....yesterday was Halloween, is it too soon to talk about Christmas?  ;)
I don't think so,... especially if your looking for a craft or two to do.

For my Whisker Graphics Design Team project I got to play
around with some of their Colored Tags. Love the color and
quality of these tags.

I gathered up some Christmas themed craft supplies
and set to work on creating an Advent Calendar.

Measure an inch and a half up from the bottom of the tag.
Fold the bottom of the tag upward, creating a pocket.
Staple the pocket closed.

Once you have your pile of 24 cards it's time to cover up the
staples and make everything pretty.

I glued bits of ribbon, rickrack and other trims
to cover the staples.

Then added papers and vintage millinery
flowers, mushroom and leaves to make the
cards festive.

Here are some examples of edge trims.

I busted out my stash of kitschy Christmas Holiday craft supplies.
Every thing from retro inspired Christmas paper to vintage and
new Holiday cupcake toppers.
Trim, ribbon, and tinsel, oh my!

Once all 24 cards were made I laid them out
making sure they looked good next to each other.
Then stamped them with their numbers.

I heart vintage windows!!!!!!!! ADDICTED....!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ;)

So, a vintage window was perfect and a must for using in this project.

I pinned some ribbon across the window frame. This helped to
place the tags. As the tags were added the ribbon need a little
tweaking, so the tags hung nicely. The pins helped make that
part easy. I could raise and lower the rows as needed.

I tied the Advent Calendar tags onto the ribbon using
Whisker Graphics Holiday Divine Twine.

Once all the tags were secure and I liked the
way the were hanging, I camouflaged the
pushpins by hot glueing poinsettia cupcake
toppers onto them.

Here are a few detail shots.

The tags are the perfect size for holding just a
little something special. Two of everything in
our house, one for each of my boys.   ;)

I love the color of these tags, so fresh.

Excuse the faux candy canes...... it seems to be
a bit too early to find the real deal in my local
drug store.  ;)

These envelope tags will hold tiny Lego pieces,
small candies, money, gift cards, and small toys.
I also plan on placing strips of paper in the tags
with clues written on them. To indicate where
toys will be hidden around the house.  Something
like, "Look for me I'm in the tree." OR, "Look under
your bed I'm wrapped in red." You get the idea....!  ;)

I'm super excited about this Christmas Advent Calendar
craft project and loved making it.

Is it too early to wish you a Merry Christmas?

;)   Happy Holidays!


Large colored tags
Holiday Divine Twine
Stapler and staples
Glue gun
Glue sticks
Vintage window
Medium width ribbon
Various thin trim, ribbon, and tinsel
Various Holiday themed decorations
Wrapping paper
Rubber number stamps

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