Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Candy Garland

I love the coziness, colors and crafts this season brings.

Over the weekend while the rain was coming down and a cozy
fire was blazing, I made this cute faux candy garland.
It was super easy and even my kids got involved.

First we started out by painting some styrofoam balls
candy pink. Once the paint was dry we poked holes all
the way threw the balls, for stringing.

We covered some of the balls in Whisker Graphics
Divine Twine in Cotton Candy Pink. As we wrapped
the twine around the ball we secured it with hot glue.
Don't they look just like delicious peppermints!?

The rest of the balls we covered in white craft
glue and sprinkled with glitter.

Once the balls were dry we wrapped them
in cellophane, like candy securing the cellophane
with Watermelon Divine Twine.

Then we strung them using Solid Light Pink Divine Twine.

Perfect faux peppermint candy garland.

Your choice of Divine Twine in it's variety of candy colors.
Styrofoam balls
Paint coordinating with your color pallet
Paint brush
Hot glue and craft glue
Long needle for poking holes in balls

Monday, November 3, 2014

Paper Straw Christmas Pinwheel Craft

I just love all those pretty patterned paper drinking straws that
are so popular now a days. I love them even more now that
they sell them at the Dollar Store. Awesome for crafting!!!

Look how nicely they look with Whisker Graphics products.
When I saw these straws at the Dollar Store I immediately


Bend the straws in half and secure with a little hot glue.
Pinch the straw together as the glue dries.

Once you have a bout 10 straws glued in a V begin glueing the
Vs together, creating a pinwheel.

These are smaller pinwheels made by cutting a straw in half first.
Once the pinwheel segments are glued together cover the center
with a Whisker Graphics Petite Stickys.

To hang, place a little glue in a straw securing some twine.

I can't wait to have a bunch of these floating
in my windows.

Paper drinking straws
Petite Stickys
Divine Twine
Glue gun and glue sticks

Monday, September 29, 2014

Halloween Bat Treat Bags

I love this time of year. Halloween is my favorite holiday
by far. Each year I like to conjure up a treat bag
to pass out to my favorite goblins and gules.
Whisker Graphics Bitty Bags are always on my go to supply list.
The colors are lovely and the product is super easy to work with.

I sketched that little bat. Pulled out some bitty bags and went to
work making that little guy a pair of treat filled wings.

For the size bat I chose to work with Middy Bitty Bags fit the bill.
Fold the bag accordion style, like a fan.

Fill the "bottom" half of the bag with some candies. I choose
a fun size bag of M&M candies. Their size and the fun size amount
fit perfectly. Crimp the center of the bag, as neatly as possible with
your fingers. Then tie the bag in half with a bit of twine.

Fill the other half of the bag with some more candies,....
another fun size bag of M&M candies.

Flod over the open edge and secure with a bit of glue.

Then cut out the bat and hot glue to the center of the bag.

Cute and easy. Below is a printable of the bat,
just drag and drop it to your desk top and
print away.


Sheet of bats
Middy Bitty Bags any black and white style
Divine Twine
Glue stich
Glue gun and glue sticks
Scissors or X-Acto knife
Small sized candies

Friday, September 19, 2014

Whisker Graphics Sponsored Link Party At Paper Issues

Hello Everyone,

Whisker Graphics is hosting an awesome link party
over at Paper Issues.

Go check out all the fun and link up your projects
for a chance to win some great Whisker Graphics products.

Happy weekend!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fall Catcher Modern Natural Found Object Wreath

My youngest son loves to collect little bits
of nature. Every day he presents me with the
little gifts he finds rocks, leaves, pinecones,
acorns and sticks. Lots and lots of sticks.

So, he was the inspiration for what I'm calling
a Fall Catcher. With the stick of the day, some
leaves from my neighbors maple and lovely
Whisker Graphics products, we whipped up
this little "modern natural found object" wreath.

First we began by wrapping the stick with a
little washi tape. Then we tied some divine twine
to the stick for hanging our little treasures on.

Next I got started on making the little sticker lanterns.

Pinch and fold the petite stickys in half.

Stick 1/2 of the sticky to the other 1/2 of the
second sticky.

Keep folding stickers in half and sticking them
together until you have reached your desired fullness.

Then seal up the stickers around the piece of twine.

Cute!!! I can't wait to do a fuller version!

Next we ties leaves to the twine.

That was it,...... cute fast and fun. Hang on
a door as a modern natural wreath.......

...or hang in the air as a fall catcher.


Yellow Solid Divine Twine
Yellow Stripe Petite Stickys
Washi Tape
Bits of Nature

Sunday, August 24, 2014

How To Drill A Hole Into A Ceramic Pot

I love collecting these old Bauer garden pots.
Most of them I stumble across do not have a
drainage hole in the bottom. Sorta makes them
a bit unpractical for a garden pot!

This guy I got for a steal. It's prevues owner
was under the impression it was unable to be
cleaned and useless because of lacking a
drainage hole. Oh, not so!

It was pretty grimy!!! Sap, Bird poop, you name

It was on this thing!!! With a little elbow grease
and a Mr. Clean Magic Erasure.


Clean and looking new again.

Now for the drilling of the drainage hole.
Determine if your pot has a crack in it. Tap the pot, if it has a bell
like sound you are in good shape. If the pot makes a thud sound
it is cracked. A cracked pot can be drilled. However, there is a
chance the pot will crack further with the pressure of being drilled.

Using a glass and tile drill bit drill a hole from the bottom side
of the pot.

Keep a little bit of water on the pot to help keep things cool.
Push the drill down with even firm pressure.

And just like that, you will have a nice drainage hole in your
once "useless" garden pot.

The hole above was made by a 3/8" drill bit. If you desire a
larger hole drill a small size hole first. Then go back with a
larger bit to open up the hole a bit more. I don't bother to make
the hole bigger. My pots seem to drain fine with the hole that
the 3/8" drill bit makes.

These beauties took off.

Soooo, happy in their clean and properly
draining home.

Zinnias from Annie's Annuals..... nothing
more summery than that.