Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Popcorn Ball Treats

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

I wanted to share my recipe for these quick
and easy Lucky Charms popcorn balls.
They make a festive treat for St. Patrick's Day.

Start off by popping some popcorn. You will need 6 cups of
popped corn. I do this on the stove top. In a large pot place about
1/8" of vegetable oil in a pot. Then add a single layer of kernels.
Turn heat on medium hight and cover the pot with a lid. Once the
corn begins to pop shake the pot a bit. This helps to prevent the corn
from burning. When the popping slows down and you can count
to 2 between pops, remove from heat and remove lid.

Ohhhh the fluffy goodness.
It gets better!

See, told ya!

In a separate pot melt 1/4 cups unsalted butter on low heat.
Once the butter is melted add 4 cups of mini marshmallows
or 40 regular size marshmallows. When the marshmallows are
almost completely melted add 1/4 teaspoon of slat and
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Keep stirring until
everything is smooth.

Add the 6 cups of popcorn and 6 cups of Lucky Charms cereal.
Stir until every piece is covered in the marshmallowy goodness.

Cool mixture slightly and then roll mixture into 3" balls.

This process goes smoothly with lightly buttered hands and a
scoop lightly sprayed with cooking oil.

Aren't these cute!? This recipe makes about 20, 3" balls.

Serve them on popsicle sticks. This will help keep little hands
less sticky.

For passing out, package them up in plastic treat bags.

Decorate and label with a rainbow of baker's twine
found at Whisker Graphics.

Hope your little Leprechauns like them as much
as mine did.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Valentine's Day Treat Bag

The "Ball" has barely dropped and the Christmas decorations
aren't entirely put away yet, but............

how's about a Valentine's craft. After all it's never too late to
start on the "next" thing!

I just love the Whisker Graphics product line!
The stickers the tags the bitty bags.

All of which I used to make up this cute little Valentine's Day
treat bag. From the first time I saw these Shield Craft Middy Bitty Bags
I've wanted to place a deer silhouette on them! Sooo so cute!
These would make a perfect little Valentine for the men in your life.

I drew the silhouette with a pencil then colored it in with a pen.
Stickers or a rubber stamped silhouette would work great too.

I think this is by far my favorite bitty bag craft I've made.
Then again I say that every time!


Shield Middy Bitty Bags
Red Chevron Petite Stickys
Small Colored Tags in Red
Pen and Pencil
Rubber Stamps and Ink

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Peace Wreath

Happy Holidays to everyone. Have you seen the new super
luxurious metallic baker's twine offer by Whisker Graphics??
It comes in gold and silver!!

My night time photography does not do it justice.
It's so elegant and refreshing. Really nice color quality!
The gold and silver match up to Martha Stewart's glitter
really well.

For my monthly Whisker Graphics project,
I decided to make a wreath that can carry threw
to the New Year. With style and sentiment.

The wreath form is 10" across and about 1-1/2"
wide and thick. I used half a roll of twine to
cover the wreath.

The chipboard letters and stars are pre-made
and can easily be found at Michaels. I just used
a little glitter to add some silver to them.

This little vintage angle has lived in my stash for some time now.
With a bit of glitter she was perfect to hang in the center of my wreath.

May your Holiday Season and New Year be filled with PEACE.


Metallic Divine Twine in silver
Wreath form
Chipboard letters and stars
Vintage ornament
Glue gun and glue sticks
Craft glue

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Easy Thanksgiving Place Card and Favor Bag

Perhaps you are looking for a quick little craft to jazz up your
Thanksgiving table?? Something that can double as a place card
and a little take home favor bag.

For this little treat bag I started out by tracing a leaf
shape onto a plain kraft bag. Then cut it out creating
a pouch to slip over the orange honeycomb middy bitty bag.


Then I stamped out a little seasonal note and added
tag stamped with the name of my guests.



Brown Kraft Bags
Orange Honeycomb Middy Bitty Bag
Small Colored Tags in orange
Stamps and ink

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

DIY Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Craft

I like Halloween but,

I love Day of the Dead!

...the celebration, the colors, the vibrancy...

I especially love all the colors and detail of those
little sugar candy skulls.

Soooo, I had to craft one.

I found these little paper mache skulls at Michael's. I painted
mine white.

Once dry, I got to work on drawing out my pattern.

 Next I traced my lines with glue.

Then I began to lay out my twine as if I was piping royal icing.

So much fun! I couldn't think of a better product to use for this project.
SERIOUSLY!! The best colors!!

When I was done with twining the skull I add a
lovely fine glitter. Very realistic sugar! Don't ya think!?

Here is a view of the front and back.

After the glitter dried I cut a whole in the bottom of the skull.

Just large enough to fit one of those battery operated tea lights.

I pained and glittered the inside of the skull too.

I loved making this Day of the Dead sugar skull!
It was a nice departure from Halloween crafting.


Paper Mache skull
White paint
Craft glue
Paint brushes
Craft knife
Super fine glitter
Divine Twine

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bakers Twine Christmas Tree Craft

Is it too early to start crafting for Christmas?
My kids just went back to school. I haven't
even made one pumpkin recipe yet.

Oh.... but,  those Christmas crafts just keep
poppen' in my head.

This little Christmas craft is super simple.
Start by painting a chipboard cone white.
Once the paint is dry wrap the cone in
bakers twine. Securing the twine with glue
as you go.

Then decorate your Christmas tree with buttons
and ric rac. Coat the tree with glue and sprinkle
with glitter. Everything is more festive with glitter!

For the trunk of my little tree I used a vintage spool.
Just painted it white and sprinkles with some snow.

I can't wait to make a whole little forest of these.


Green Apple Divine Twine
Chipboard cone
Ric rac
Sewing spool
Fake snow

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DIY Summer Bracelet

I love working with these products! They have such great color
and texture.

For this months Whisker Graphics Design Team project
I chose to makeover some old bangles.

Secure the bakers twine with a little hot glue.

As you wrap the twine around the bracelet secure it
with more glue.

As you wrap make sure to keep the twine tight and close together.

Pretty as is but,........ now it's time to decorate.

I added a vintage shell button to the larger bangle.
Fresh and summery.

Keeping that summer thing going.....
I added a string of pearls on the thiner bracelet.

Using a needle string the pearls onto the twine. Wrap the
twine around the bracelet. Placing and adding beads as you go.

So pretty, loven' this little detail

Sooooo much better than that 80's purple. Don't cha think?!

Plain and smooth bangles
Lemon Divine Twine
Glue gun
Buttons and beads