Friday, May 1, 2015

Macrame Plant Holder Made With Bakers Twine

Macrame and succulents what could be more
trendy and in the now then the pairing of those

Making macrame out of Whisker Graphics Divine Twine
of course.............! With all their gorgeous colors and
quality twine, it's really a no brainer......

You will find far better tutorials on line than mine.
I sort of just winged it.  Never the less......
here we go......   ;)

I started with eight strings for my holder. So, it
would hang from four sections.

I separated the eight twines into groups of
four. I tied two strings in knots. As I tied
the other pairs of twine I payed close attention
to the placement of the knots, making sure they
were lining up.

Then I tied the twine as shown above, creating
a diamond shape......... Then the two end twines
were tied together connecting everything.

Then I tied all the twines together, connecting
everything and creating the base.  It didn't
look like much until I slipped the plant in.

Once I did it all came together.

Divine Twine in the color of your choosing.
Plant container

Friday, March 27, 2015

Easter Treat Bag

Well its that time of year again........
Spring has sprung, days are longer,
flowers are in full bloom, Easter Bunny
is on his way and my allergies are bump'en!

Annnnd it's time to start passing out
little treat bags to the people that matter most.

To make this carrot goodie bag you'll need some
fabulous chevron middy bitty bags in orange.

Simply fold the bottom of the bag to a point and secure with a little
double stick tape or craft glue.

Then add a little crepe paper to the top of the bag. Again securing
the paper with a little double stick tape or glue.

Fill the bag with treats and staple it closed. Cover the staples with
some washi tape and add a little tag.

Cute, easy and perfect for spring.

What Bunny wouldn't want to nibble on a
spring carrot filled with delicious treats?

Chevron Middy Bitty bags in orange
Green crepe paper
Wasi tape
Paper flower
Green Solid Divine Twine
Small Colored Tags in yellow
Pinking Shears

Monday, March 2, 2015

Gift Card Wall

The school that my kids go to is having their
annual Spring Gala. One of my assignments
for the event was to create a gift card wall.

Little Bitty Bags from Whiskergraphics came 
to mind! R-e-a-l-l-y it is a no brainer!!!
Their size fits gift cards perfectly. The colors
are awesome and fit our color story of
black, white and gold.

I used a easel as the "wall" portion of the display.
I stretched some divine twine across the easel,
securing it with some strong tape and a few
push pins. Then using the Gala logo I made 
price point indicators and labeled the rows.

I glittered a few mini clothespins to hold the 
little bitty bags onto the divine twine. This
makes it easy to replenish the gift cards
throughout the evening.

And their ya have it! A simple and festive display.

Here's hoping our schools raises buckets of



Monday, February 2, 2015

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Treat Bags

I've been so busy lately....
I'm all about the quick and easy crafts these days.
BUT, cute..... still and always cute!

Which is easy to do.... with all the lovely
products Whisker Graphics has to offer!

I made the above treat bags to hang in my
kids bedroom. A little good morning

Just fold a bitty bag in half. Trace a heart shape
on half of the bag and cut it out. Unfold and slip 
it over a glassine bag. Decorate any way you please.
I chose to make a Cupid's arrow out of a paper 
drinking straw.

Here are a couple variations of the above.
Even easier...... just as cute. Perfect for
tucking into lunch boxes or passing out 
at school parties.

I'm really loving the gold as an alternative 
to the expected red or pink.


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Passing Out New Years Kiss

Happy New Year.......
Well almost!
After my 20's I kinda stopped celebrating NewYears.
Now a days New Years Eve at my house consists
of taking down the Christmas tree, having one last
indulgent meal for the year and preparing for a
hug purge and cleaning spree and playing
games with the kids till about 9:30....

However, I do like to have something to pass
out to  people as I bump into then in the New Year.
This year it's these little treat containers fill with
chocolate "kiss" candies..... New Years Kisses......

Start out by covering a cardboard tube in a
bitty bag. I like to use paper towel tubes for
this, as opposed to a t.p. tubes. You can get a
variety of sizes from the paper towel tube and
there is less of an ick factor.

Cut the bottom and one side off of a bitty bag,
so it lies flat and is open. Rub a glue stick down
the edge of the paper bag a roll it around the tube.
Make sure the paper hangs over the edges of the tube.
Secure the end with a little more glue.

Cut the overlapping portion of the paper to help it fold nicely.
Glue and fold the paper down creating a bottom.

Cut the over hang of paper at the top into
thin strips and tie with some Divine Twine.

I curled the extra bits of paper at the top,
making them a bit more festive.

I also covered some cardboard in scraps of Bitty Bag,
cut it into circle to create bases for the treat containers to sit on.

I made some smaller treat containers using small cardboard rings
and Gold Chevron Bitty Bags.

The top of these are so cool! I took the time to
cut fine strips in the excess paper at the top.
Tied it with Gold Divine Twine, creating this
little domed effect.

These were super simple to make and I can't
wait to start passing all these New Years Kisses!

Diagonal Striped Bigger Bitty Bag in Black
Metallic Gold Chevron Middy Bag
Gold Metallic Divine Twine
Silver Metallic Divine Twine
Small Colored Tags in White
Cardboard tubes
Hershey Kisses

p.s.   can you find the misspelling.........   lol

Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Candy Garland

I love the coziness, colors and crafts this season brings.

Over the weekend while the rain was coming down and a cozy
fire was blazing, I made this cute faux candy garland.
It was super easy and even my kids got involved.

First we started out by painting some styrofoam balls
candy pink. Once the paint was dry we poked holes all
the way threw the balls, for stringing.

We covered some of the balls in Whisker Graphics
Divine Twine in Cotton Candy Pink. As we wrapped
the twine around the ball we secured it with hot glue.
Don't they look just like delicious peppermints!?

The rest of the balls we covered in white craft
glue and sprinkled with glitter.

Once the balls were dry we wrapped them
in cellophane, like candy securing the cellophane
with Watermelon Divine Twine.

Then we strung them using Solid Light Pink Divine Twine.

Perfect faux peppermint candy garland.

Your choice of Divine Twine in it's variety of candy colors.
Styrofoam balls
Paint coordinating with your color pallet
Paint brush
Hot glue and craft glue
Long needle for poking holes in balls

Monday, November 3, 2014

Paper Straw Christmas Pinwheel Craft

I just love all those pretty patterned paper drinking straws that
are so popular now a days. I love them even more now that
they sell them at the Dollar Store. Awesome for crafting!!!

Look how nicely they look with Whisker Graphics products.
When I saw these straws at the Dollar Store I immediately


Bend the straws in half and secure with a little hot glue.
Pinch the straw together as the glue dries.

Once you have a bout 10 straws glued in a V begin glueing the
Vs together, creating a pinwheel.

These are smaller pinwheels made by cutting a straw in half first.
Once the pinwheel segments are glued together cover the center
with a Whisker Graphics Petite Stickys.

To hang, place a little glue in a straw securing some twine.

I can't wait to have a bunch of these floating
in my windows.

Paper drinking straws
Petite Stickys
Divine Twine
Glue gun and glue sticks