Monday, October 29, 2012

Edible Halloween "S'mores" Craft.... With Peeps

Aren't these super cute?!?
I am so happy my boys love to craft with me.

These are our take on Halloween S'mores.
Made with Halloween candy, Peeps, sprinkles, melted chocolate
and graham crackers.

We used graham crackers as canvases and created spooky
scenes on them.

We spread the crackers with melted chocolate and added sprinkles.

Then created our S'more scenes with Peeps and Halloween candy.

This little edible craft was super fun to do on a chilly afternoon.

My boys really got into it..... having to use every different piece
of candy and every color sprinkles we had.  ;)

I love these. Super fun.

It was hard to stop making these......

Super addictive.......!

Can you tell which ones my littlest made? Isn't it funny how kids
like to stack stuff....?

These were pretty tasty. Though, the taste of the moon shape
was a bit much (for me) with the chocolate.

Super fun edible Halloween kids craft!

Here's hopping your Halloween is filled with spooky treats.

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