Thursday, May 3, 2012

One Year Blog-iversry

One year........ 56 blog posts!
Who new I'd still be doing this!?!
I feel as thou I haven't even dipped my little toe in to the blog pool.
So much more to come..... big blog plans!

Thanks to every one who follows my blog.
It's so weird to see my stats every day.
All the comments and!
AND to see people who I don't even know pinning my stuff...WOW!
I've had so much fun and so many good things have come from blogging.

Anyway........ if you would indulge me......?
I thought I would post about the best things I ever made.
Yes,..... my kids. Corny I know but, if you make it to the
end of this post and leave a comment ....there's a
give awayyyyy. Twelve of my favorite things. One for
each month of blogging. If you know me, you already have
guested one of them is a Starbucks card! ha

Treat after an Ikea trip.

Both are suckers for the swing.

Trip to the Jelly Belly.

They were not feeling the hats.

Speaking of hats.

We went threw a big Firefighter phase.

Now we are onto a bee exterminator phase.
Don't ask.......?

They are choosing and making their own snacks.

Yes....... those are frozen peas and waffles.
They ate it..... NOT me.

Doesn't that expression just say tasty...?

Just a few more photos.... you're doing great.

Oh... if looks could kill.
He's sick of the camera.

So is he!

His face is always messy....... how..... why...?

He can use the camera on my phone..... yah!
That was a sarcastic yah, just incase you needed clarification.

They are little s--ts and I love them so.
Perfectly in-prefect.
Loud, messy, rude, loving, kind and smart.
Most of all happy and curios. I'm so thankful for them.
Hands down the B-E-S-T things I ever made.

Ok.... I know that was a bit like looking at someone
else's vacation slides. So, thanks for putting up with me.
Hay It will only happen once a year. PROMISE

Now leave a comment attached to this post letting
me know what the best OR worst thing you ever created was.
I'll choose the winner to the 12 things giveaway next 
Thursday, May 10th.

Thanks again for a great year,

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