Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Box

I like giving gifts but,what I really LOVE is packaging them up.
So much fun.........! It's nice to make people feel special and
appreciated. Who doesn't like getting something pretty to unwrap?
With Mother's Day just around the corner I thought a pretty little
gift box was in order.

I covered a plain brown box with some Bitty Bags.

Then using more Bitty Bags and some
Divine Twine, that I wired I created a bouquet.

Wiring the twine is super fun.

Simply feed some fine gauge wire and twine into the tip of a drill.
Squeeze the trigger while holding the other end of the twine
and wire with a pair of pliers.

Perfectly wired twine every time........ perfect for flower stems.

Now for the flowers.......

Cut out about 10 circles.

Stack the circles on top of each other and staple the center.

Starting with the top layer fold and scrunch the layers of paper.

Attach to some wired twine and you have a flower.

For this type of flower you will need a piece of paper folded in half.

Starting at the folded end cut some strips. Leave enough uncut paper
to add a stem.

Roll up the paper and steam, and your flower will form.

Buds are fun to make too.
Start by drawing a circle with a swirl in it. Cut out the circle and
along the swirl line.

Roll up the strip of paper and glue at the base.

Once you have made enough flowers now
the fun begins, creating a bouquet.

I really had fun with the wired twine.
I plan on using it in some future projects.
CAN'T wait to play with that some more!


Plain box
Craft glue
Hot glue
Craft knife
Fine gauge wire
Bitty Bags and Divine Twine

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  1. Cauuute package! I wouldn't want to open it though...just put it on display :) Have a lovely weekend!