Friday, April 20, 2012

Vintage Patio Furniture Makeover

I love this table.....LOVE.

I purchased it years ago. It was hiding in the back corner of a
consignment shop with a $125.00 price tag on it.  ;)

It's been uses in the kitchen, dinning room, office, outside, and
now back into the dinning room it goes. Being outside sure put
a toll on the faux finish it was sporting. That's ok! That particular
finish is kinda over.... a little 90's-ish.

Love the 40's lines on those chairs.

A little rust removal was in order, for sure!

A wire brush did the trick.

Then some primer......

.... and paint. Good as new.
I like using Rust-Oleum paint products very much.
They seem to cover well and spray nicely.

Then it was on to recover those nasty seats. Nothing was
salvageable. We needed to cut new wood bottoms and get new
foam and batting.

We trimmed the foam and batting.

Lined the pattern up.

Flipped everything over.

Trimmed off excess oilcloth.

Started stapling. Working from the center out and opposite
side to opposite side. Pulling everything tight. Though, not so
tight as to cause any dimples.

The corners can be a little tricky. 

Just be patient. Fold neatly and staple as
you go. It can always be redone if it 's not
coming out nicely.


Yummy reproduction oilcloth fabric.  sigh...
Have you seen this place???
So much fun to look around!!!

I'm so happy to have breathed new life into
this well used and well loved old piece.

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  1. What a great find! The oilcloth seats are adorable. I love that stuff! Nice job!!

  2. I love that table set too! Great lines, fun fabric choice. :)

  3. Vintage never dies, even with furniture pieces. Well-done because those are just lovely! Keep sharing more of your makeover projects!