Sunday, April 15, 2012

What a Delicious Easter Bunny

We ate the Easter Bunny...... cake that is.
I know, I know.... Easter was a week ago.
So, over it already......!

Doesn't he (or she) look delicious, covered in
all that ganache!  yum!!

Years ago I found this bunny cake mold in
an antique shop.

I fell in love with all of it's charming detail. The fact that it is
three demential and 10in tall by 8in wide...... sealed the deal.

Half of the mold gets filled up with cake batter and covered
with the other half. As the cake bakes and rises the other side
of the mold get filled.
Pretty neat....

Once the cake is completely cool it pops out
perfectly. I will admit I was a little excited and
pulled the cake out a little to soon. So, he
needed a bit of skewering. To help prop the
cake up I used an egg under the chest. Then
used some candy melts as a foundation.

I covered the candy melts with some buttercream grass and a
few jellybeans.

A couple of eyes, licorice whiskers, and an
m&m nose and he was ready.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter.
Can't wait to make this guy again next year.

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