Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My favorite Easter activity is dying the eggs.
It always has been.

.....all those colors.....

Even as an "adult" before I had children, I
would dye eggs. A box of PAAS egg dye
just always seemed to fall into my cart at
the grocery store.

Yes, that means my poor hubby would get
forced into egg dying too.

I think he secretly enjoyed it though.
Nice quiet almost meditative activity.
Staring at all that beautiful color.

Blue and gold "Tiffany" egg.

Now that I have children egg dying is loud,
messy, and SO much more fun.

One of the best thing about having children is that they have
turned me back into a kid again. I love that.

Activities and celebrations that have begun to lack their luster
are bright and shiny again. AND messes they just don't matter
any more.

Except for him. He seemed to mind quite a lot
that, that mean old wind came up a blew his dye
all over the place. That place being my lap.
.....good times, good times.....

Here's ware the loud comes in. My almost
two year old preferred to run around the yard
squawking like a chicken.

I love that my egg dying tradition has become
messy and loud. That's how all those perfectly
in-prefect moments of life are born. Threw the
mess and the noise.

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