Monday, September 5, 2011

Margarita Night

In my hood when the weather is warm we
get together for margarita night. This little tradition
was formed when we neighbors kept gabbing
in the middle of the street for hours on end.
People would get thirsty. Kids needed to be fed,
dinner time would come and go and we would all
still be out in the middle of the street talking away.
Sooo, some one suggested "margarita wednesday."
Trash night, when the most people were out and the
chances of an impromptu gab feast would take place.
Wednesday........ lets just say the nights got a little
late so now we have "margarita friday." We have
come a long way from a folding card table, bowl of
chips and salsa, and a picture of margaritas.

Now we play bocce ball....   and

croquet of course......

AND e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e  brings the best food.

Most of our margarita nights are spur of the moment.
So, I usually bring a mix of store bought stuff but,
I try to make it a little special.......

Store bought chicken nuggets.
(have to have those for the kiddies......)
BUT, the sweet and sour dipping sauce, hint
50/50 mix of bbq sauce and...... apricot jelly.
Heat in a pot till combined and reduced a bit,
that's it. YUM....

NO, bake marshmallow oreo treats...

Process oreos in food processor till they look like this.

Yum... you'll need about 5 cups and

6 cups of melted marshmallows....just like rice cereal treats!!!!
fast. fast. fast. and easy.

But, not everyone likes chocolate. I know sick huh.....

So, out comes the fruity cereal.....

Which to choose.....

I made these thin and used a 1-1/4" cookie cutter. Kinda cute
and tasty too. If I do say so myself.

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  1. Have you come up with a Margarita Popsicle recipe? Now that's something I could get into!