Sunday, September 4, 2011

Messy Studio Tour

I have a studio...... a little slice of heaven right in my back yard.

My hubby built it for me.........;)
ALL the materials were rescued from dumpsters.
The roof is 200 year old slate. Rescued from the
dumpster of a church he was renovating.
The siding came from our neighbors addition, the
doors and window, old french doors from another project.
That's him with our oldest in the photo above.
Putting in a little brick patio with left over bricks from
yet another project....

So, lets move on to the inside....I warn you it. is. messy.

Agghhhh, I know....right...... I do not like messy messes......
I'm hoping giving this little peek into my studio, in this unruly
state will help motivate me into cleaning and sorting so I can
redeem my self in another blog post "the clean studio tour."...... maybe...

Part of my ribbon stash.

Behind that kitchen organizer.....
Look for the clue. Yep, you guessed it
more ribbon.

Love, love, love, vintage buttons. Love seeing them organized
by color in mason jars. The jars help keep them organized
beautifully... and with a play house packed like mine I need
all the help I can get.

Vintage shelving from and old garage, love
the green and gray paint on theses....
Yes, they were rescued too.
They hold a ton of reference books and my
millinery flowers.

My desk, yes a mess too. Full of past, present, and
future projects.

I scored this wooden angel at Room With A Past
she is a little girly for my house. So, she resides in
the studio. That's one of the best things about having
a place all your own to create in. You can make it look
however you want even if...... it. is. a. mess.

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  1. How nice to have place of your own--finally! It's a beautiful MESS!