Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Whisker Graphics Design Team Christmas Wreath, Swag, Garland,..... Project

Hello All,
Hope your Holiday Season is off to a good start and all is......

I'm so diggen this festive little swag I made for my Whisker Graphics
Design Team project. It's so merry and bright glittery.

During a trip to a home improvement store I spied these little
drapery rings.

They got me thinking,... mini wreathes!!!!!
So, I picked up a few spray painted them white and wrapped
them in Green Apple Divine Twine.

Decorated they would make fun little Christmas Tree ornaments.

Wrap some twine onto a small spool or paddle so you aren't
dealing with too much twine at once. Use that to wrap the rings,
as it will be easier to pass threw the ring. The large spool of twine
does not fit threw the ring easily.

Start wrapping the twine next to the eye hook.

Use hot glue to secure the twine every inch or so.

I couldn't find red glittery letters at my local craft store. Sooo,
I purchases white glittered letters and re-glittered them,.. red.
Tis the season.....
I guess red sells out fast this time of year.  huh... ;)

I pre-place the letters on the rings.

Making sure everything laid out nicely.

Then went to town glueing the letters down with hot glue.

Clipping the rings onto the ribbon they hang from was....
well just as easy as clipping them on.  ;)

I love this swag as an alternative to a
traditional Christmas wreath.

I'm loving the red glitter with the freshness of that green, such
a great color!

Diggen that happy ribbon too!
Glitter white polka dots on red grosgrain =
visual peppermint.

MERRY Christmas...... more to come with those rings too!

Drapery rings with clips
White spray paint
Green Apple Divine Twine
Glue gun and glue sticks
Glitter letters

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  1. Cute! I like seeing creative uses out of everyday things!

  2. This absolutely darling Kerstie!Thanks for sharing on "I Gotta Try That" Have a great week!

  3. What an adorable and creative little swag. Thanks for visiting FlyAwayHome. I hope you'll be back.