Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving and The Broken Arm

Thanksgiving started out with a little crafting.

Painting ceramic turkeys from the dollar
section of Target.

This guy is becoming VERY detailed.

Painting the hole in the back side of the turkey
brown because "it is his bummie."
Oh my.......!


Then time for turkey,


happy boys enjoying their dinner.



Broken bones.

My parents had a tent set up in the family room for movie watching.
Well, my boys decided to turn it on it's side a practice diving into it.
My older son landed on my little guy's arm.
His cry was different so I knew something was wrong.
He got over it fast so I kinda thought everything might be ok.
Then he started favoring it and by 12:45 am was crying uncontrollably.

My husband took him to the ER while I stayed at home with
our older son. At 3:30 am they were home splint on and  an
ex-ray showing a compression fracture. JOY.....! BUT,
not near a growth plate, and because his soft bones still have
a lot of development to do there will be no evidence of this break.
Whooohooooo sigh of relief.  ;)

So, instead of black Friday shopping we read stories at
the Doctor's office and

had Jamba Juice. He gets a cast sometime this week.
Apparently the Orthopedic Center was closed on
black Friday. What gives?????  ;)

Today was decorating and going to a birthday party.

I bought a white Christmas Tree, I did!

It feels kinda weird, having a white tree. I have had a "real green
tree" all my life. I have always wanted a white one. We decided
last year after 2 hours of stringing lights and stepping on a light
bulb this would be the year for the "fake white tree"......
and I LOVE it.

Though, now I think I need some new ornaments, thinking glittered birds.


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