Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DIY Bathroom Remodel Part 1

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.
Mine was a bit dusty and..... completely disgusting.
I mentioned in my last post something about a bathroom remodel.'s happening ;)

Let me show you some before photos.

Just a standard hall bath.

When we bought this house the bathroom had
seen better days.... and I just couldn't clean it.
So we purchased a new potty and a cheap
(but cute) vanity and mirror set from Home Depot.
Telling our selves in a year or two tops we would
gut out the bathroom and completely redo it.
Well NINE years latter we are finally getting
around to it. Ha! ;) Actually we had no choice
anymore. The bathroom floor was rotten when we
bought the house, and time along with two little
tub splashers didn't help the floor any.

A few things about the bath... the toilet behind
the door, facing the sink.? Don't get the placement.
Although, convent if you had the flue.  ;)

The rotting tub....... yuck!

The amount of bleach I used didn't matter anymore,
the whole place was just rotting.

Rotting from the inside out. Once we removed
the tub surround we could see why. Bad construction!
The wrong materials and cheap materials.

Green rock and particle board. Instead of
cement board and plywood. The above photo
is of the wall behind the tub surround. YUCK!

After stripping the sheetrock off the walls it was
time to remove the tub.

Can you guess what we found!?!
Yes!, PIRATE GOLD, no... no, RAT POOP!
HA HA HA....... ;)

We did look!

Can you play the eye spy game with me?
I spy with my little eye, a walnut shell,
a peanut shell, cherry pits, apple core, seeds
that started the germination process, and RAT POOP!

This is the 2x4 that our uninvited guest was
chewing on. My Hubby also found it's nest,
a pile of plastic grocery bags. YUCK!
We never new it was there, didn't hear a thing.

This is the floor under the potty.

Oh man.... yuck again. Using the potty at our house was like
playing a game of Russian Roulette. You never knew if you were
going to be the one to fall threw the floor.  ;)

Well now we are knee deep in it.

Literally. No going back now. The dust is the worst part.
I'll be spending the better part of the day just vacuuming.
The worst is over everything has been removed and new
floor joists have been installed.

After all that yuckiness.... and palate cleanser for the the eyes.

I just couldn't end this post with out a little pretty.


  1. Wow. How long did it take you to complete this remodel? My wife and I have been thinking about remodeling our bathroom since it is starting to look a little dingy, but your photos are making it look very daunting! We don't have much space so we are thinking of adding a pedestal sink and then ripping out the bathtub to replace it with a shower stall with frosted shower doors . It's amazing how much is underneath the walls and floors. No wonder people are sick all the time ! Hopefully it all turned out well for you and do you by any chance have any after photos? I am kinda curious to see what the outcome looks like !

  2. Hi Alex,
    Thanks for your comment. We are still in the process of remodeling the bathroom. We took a few weekends off to do stuff with our kids. Our project was a little bigger than a face lift due to structural damage. We had a LOT of rotting floor joists to replace. That might not be the case in your situation. I would encourage you to do some research and take on your project! Just remember projects like these can be like opening a can of worms. You never know how bad things are until you start. I'll be posting progress on our bathroom in a few days and have a "after" post as well.

  3. Ya I really don't feel like dealing with the behind the scenes mess that is associated with a project like this. I have to determine whether I want to deal with it now or later.

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