Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Meet Rascal

We got a bunny! A nine week old baby!!!

My Hubby and I both had rabbits when we
were kids....... many moons ago.
So, we were kicking around the idea of getting
the boys one for Easter.

The preschool my oldest attends has two
bunnies. So, he has been around rabbits before.

This little guy can't get enough of the bunnies
when we go to the "farm."

It was settled... the Easter Bunny would bring
us a baby rabbit. I had this mommy fantasy of
leading the boys out to the yard where they
would squeal in delight at what the Bunny
had brought. My dreams were squashed by UPS!

One Saturday afternoon after returning home from the park
The 3 boxes for this hutch were sitting on my porch.
With big photos of bunnies being hugged by smiling little
children plastered everywhere! UPS never delivers on Saturday??
Erupted from my boys.

So, began the prep talk...... well maybe.... if the Easter Bunny sees
you are doing good things. Ya know, kinda like Santa.  ;)

My Hubby with his two little helpers prepped this area along
side my studio for a bunny play area.
With every thing all set and the cat, or shall I say bunny out of
the bag, we headed off the the feed store.

I'm glad we started the bunny search early.
The first few batches of bunnies we meat were
cute but, they didn't include the one.

Third times the charm, we found her.
Everyone meet Rascal.


  1. Rascal is darling! (Damned UPS driver!)

  2. adorable, WE Got chicks for our grandkids, they will freak out.. I always had a chick or rabbit in my basket too, but I lived on some land. But Oh well, if its not a rooster it can stay with me.