Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Kid Craft = Tacky Garland

I love crafting with my kids but, let's face it........ ;(
It can get expensive for something that is going to get
thrown away. YES, I said "IT" thrown away.

We can't keep everything. right? RIGHT?
Even if we did keep every thing and passed it along to them in
some sentimental remember when moment, chances are they
would just throw it away anyway. With some yeah whatever attitude.

(the serious crafter)

So, I try to buy my kid craft stash form the Dollar Store.

A buck for a pack of 20 heart doilies.

A buck for a pack of glittery hearts.

A buck for metallic garland WITH cupids.

An afternoon crafting with this goof, priceless
Well $3.00 maybe $4.00 if you count the glue.

I love our tacky garland!

AND I love our crafty afternoons!

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