Sunday, February 12, 2012

Be Mine

Valentine's Day is just around the corner!
I have a bunch of projects in the works....
Lets see how many I can get done before Tuesday!!

Love these little Cupids, found them on Etsy.

I'm not ALWAYS so good at taking photos
during the "making" process. Once I get started
things just seem to "happen" and photo taking
just doesn't "happen".  ;)

I started out by cutting a heart shape into a paper mache heart.
I then painted it red and glittered it with pink glitter.
......of course.....

I added some trim around the opening of the heart.
Stamped a be mine message on a piece of ribbon.
Attached that with a few flowers, popped in a little Cupid.
And was done!

It needed more........

I remembered these angel wings I had.
The white was a little stark. Using some
powered pigments I pinked them up a bit.


Wings glued to the back of the heart.


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