Friday, December 30, 2011

Crafting With My Boy = Hammer, Nails, and Rubber Bands

Um....yeah, that is my 3-3/4th year old
with a hammer and nails. What can I say
the kid has always loved tools and has a
knack for using them.

So, this craft was right up his ally.
I purchased a plain wood plaque at
Michaels and painted it orange.
His favorite color, of-course.

Then set him loose with a hammer and
1" finish nails. Once he was over the
hammering I gave him a giant ball
of colored rubber bands.

Then the stretching, connecting and the
occasional finger trauma ensued.  ;)

This has been our best "boy" craft yet. HE WAS INTO IT.
He did take a brake but, asked to do more. Over the course
of an afternoon he had this to show for all his finger oweeeees.

A few days latter he pulled off the rubber bands,
added a few more nails and now his little project looks like this.

Crafting with hammer, nails and rubber bands........ awesome.

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  1. Kerstie,
    Your boys are ADORABLE! And what a brilliant project!
    Happy 2012!