Friday, September 9, 2011

School = Cool

My oldest started back to pre-school yesterday.

The excited nerviness is summed up in the
goofy smile.....


they have tools... so everything will be just
fine.......  ;)

He loves school supplies just like his mom.
For me it's knowing the learning and creativity
they bring.  oh..... butterflies......
For him it's the "building" anything used to
create with is a tool to him. WE don't make
projects or cook dinner around hear. WE
build projects and build a dinner and we
always need our tools.

So, I had to indulge him and his brothie too with some
new school tools.

Don't ya just love the mini clip boards.........

With all these new school supplies (I mean tools) a project needed to be built.

We built an apple tree. A bottle of glue
lost it's life in the creation of this tree.


more glueing......


yes... and more glueing.

Glue on top of glue.

It was worth it... look at the tree ;)
Note to self..... by glue in Costco size proportions.

1 comment:

  1. Glue is good. Glue is fun. You can smoosh it all over your body and then peel it all off. No tools required.