Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Candy Garland

I love the coziness, colors and crafts this season brings.

Over the weekend while the rain was coming down and a cozy
fire was blazing, I made this cute faux candy garland.
It was super easy and even my kids got involved.

First we started out by painting some styrofoam balls
candy pink. Once the paint was dry we poked holes all
the way threw the balls, for stringing.

We covered some of the balls in Whisker Graphics
Divine Twine in Cotton Candy Pink. As we wrapped
the twine around the ball we secured it with hot glue.
Don't they look just like delicious peppermints!?

The rest of the balls we covered in white craft
glue and sprinkled with glitter.

Once the balls were dry we wrapped them
in cellophane, like candy securing the cellophane
with Watermelon Divine Twine.

Then we strung them using Solid Light Pink Divine Twine.

Perfect faux peppermint candy garland.

Your choice of Divine Twine in it's variety of candy colors.
Styrofoam balls
Paint coordinating with your color pallet
Paint brush
Hot glue and craft glue
Long needle for poking holes in balls

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