Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fall Catcher Modern Natural Found Object Wreath

My youngest son loves to collect little bits
of nature. Every day he presents me with the
little gifts he finds rocks, leaves, pinecones,
acorns and sticks. Lots and lots of sticks.

So, he was the inspiration for what I'm calling
a Fall Catcher. With the stick of the day, some
leaves from my neighbors maple and lovely
Whisker Graphics products, we whipped up
this little "modern natural found object" wreath.

First we began by wrapping the stick with a
little washi tape. Then we tied some divine twine
to the stick for hanging our little treasures on.

Next I got started on making the little sticker lanterns.

Pinch and fold the petite stickys in half.

Stick 1/2 of the sticky to the other 1/2 of the
second sticky.

Keep folding stickers in half and sticking them
together until you have reached your desired fullness.

Then seal up the stickers around the piece of twine.

Cute!!! I can't wait to do a fuller version!

Next we ties leaves to the twine.

That was it,...... cute fast and fun. Hang on
a door as a modern natural wreath.......

...or hang in the air as a fall catcher.


Yellow Solid Divine Twine
Yellow Stripe Petite Stickys
Washi Tape
Bits of Nature

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