Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gluten Free Brown Rice Crispy Cereal Treats With Omega 3s

Brown rice, omega 3,.......... gluten free and YUMMY!
Yes..... yummy and "good" for you too.

Let me explain.....

Kraft Marshmallows....... gluten free.
Land O Lakes Regular Butter....... gluten free.
Trader Joe's Omega 3 Dried Fruit and Nut Mix....... gluten free.
Nature's Path Organic Crispy Brown Rice Cereal....... gluten free.

Equals a healthy rice crispy cereal treat!?!

Sooo, if you can make something easy, delicious, and healthy.......
why not?!       right?

The recipe is pretty much the same as traditional crispy rice
cereal treats.

12 cups Nature's Path Brown Rice Cereal.

3 cups Trader Joe's Omega 3 Trail Mix. Roughly chopped.

80 regular sized marshmallows melted into
6 table spoons of butter.

Once marshmallows are melted stir in the cereal and nuts.

Once everything is well combined pour mixture into a 9" x 13"
buttered dish.

Compress the mixture using a spatula that has been lightly buttered.

Look at all that healthy"er" goodness!  ;)

These are seriously good. Dare I say even better than the originals!
My kids and hubby love'm.  AND I can feel good about making
them for my family. Annnnnnnd they are super easy!!!

Yummy, easy, healthy, gluten free....... desert! with Omega 3s!!

Heart healthy goodness....., just in time for Valentine's Day!   ;)

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