Saturday, December 29, 2012

DIY Twine & Paper Lampshade

I'm in love with this cute little lampshade I
made for my January Whisker Graphics
Design Team Project.

Looks cute in the day.........

....and at night.

I started off with an an old lampshade stripped
of it's cover.

I wrapped the frame with
Whisker Graphics Black Licorice Divine Twine.
This twine is a perfect complement to the toile
scrapbook paper I choose to weave into a new
shade for my little lamp.

After the frame of the lampshade is completely
covered in twine cut your paper.

A cutting board with a rotary cutter attachment makes this a snap.

I cut my paper into 1/2" stripes. This worked perfectly for my small
lampshade, only 5" tall. If you attempted this paper twine lampshade
craft, (say that 10 times fast) you may have to adjust the widths
of your parer strips.

Now time for the weaving.

Wrap the paper around the frame and secure
with some hot glue.

As you weave the paper under and over the
frame secure the paper to the frame with hot glue.
Attach strips of paper together with more glue to
make them long enough to go around your shade.

Weave in a complete circle one row at a time.

Tada......!  I love the way the twine complements the toile.

So pretty with the light on or off.

The shadow the shade makes is super cool.

The way the light glows threw the paper is
super cool too.

Love'n those shadows.

**** make sure to use a low wattage bulb****
Like one used in night lights.   ;)


Scrapbook paper
Rotary cutter 
Cutting board
Glue gun and glue sticks
Low wattage lightbulb

Check out all the fun over at.....

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