Thursday, February 23, 2012

Leaping Leprechauns

Sneaky little Leprechauns!!!
They have taken up residence in my daffodil forest.

I love this vintage cart. I found it years ago
at Room With a Past. It's prefect for a SPRING
flower arrangement.
(SPRING just around the corner!)  ;)

I started out with a block of oasis foam and
a pot of bulbs. I trimmed the foam, rounding
it off. To look like a hill. Placed in the bulbs
and filled in around the foam with excess soil. 

Then I covered everything up with some
sheet moss.

I have no idea where these guys came from.  BUT, I did hear
something mentioned about Etsy. 

These two seem to be pulling a log out of the forest.

Sneaky prankster, jumping out and scaring any one who
walks by.

Spring, daffodils, and Leprechauns... oh my!

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