Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brown Bag Vs. Bitty Bag

Bitty Bag won........ hands down!
Aren't these bags from Whisker Graphics the cutest?
Why would you use a brown bag again?

My Hubby and I were busy this weekend getting our tax stuff
sorted, that time of year again. My oldest asked to go on a
picnic. Can't say no..... so we had one at home. These super
sweet bags made the meal so much more special than just
throwing some food on a paper plate or in a plain old brown bag.

My kids were so excited to see their little plates of food. I can tell they
appreciated the deviation from "same old same old."

They ate every bite with no complaint.

These bags are so colorful and well priced.
Wouldn't they make a great addition to your
summer time picnic paper product supply?
(say that ten times fast)

I'm going to be using these bags  a LOT.
Not just because I've been asked to join the Whisker Graphics
Design Team. (so excited!) BUT, because these bags are so
much FUN!!!

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