Thursday, June 23, 2011

Popsicle O'the week

Home grown strawberries. Yum! They never make it into the house.
You see I have a little thief.......... my oldest! All I find are their green top scattered all over the garden.
This time I beat him to it. (insert evil laugh hear)

Every day my son eats this many...............
What to do now that some have made it into the house?

No baking in this hot weather.......... popsicles.

Vanilla meet strawberry..........
One box instant vanilla pudding and about a cup and a half of pureed strawberry goodness.
I ended up with 4 good size pops. I used 6" paper cups as molds.

These were good........ they disappeared before I could snap a photo of the messy faces eating them.

This little spur of the moment popsicle making reminded me of how easy and how much fun this is.
That's the great thing about having kids to do these thing for. It helps chip away all the"adultieness."
So, I think this summer we are doing a popsicle of the week. Just as a reminder of how sweet it is.


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